The Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project is a computerization of the hit board game, The Manhattan Project by Minion Games. This game is powered by the Strange Jacket Board Game Engine by Domowicz Creative Group, on top of Cocos2d-x. It supports solo play against smart AI players, live online multiplayer (cross platform), and pass-n-play. A Kickstarter campaign is slated for November 2013 to help cover development costs incurred thus far, and with luck, to provide enough additional funding to make The Manhattan Project a top quality conversion.

The Manhattan Project is the newest game by Domowicz Creative Group, and is scheduled for broad release on PC and iOS by Q1 2014.

Dragon Fin Soup

Dragon Fin Soup is a high-quality visual Roguelike and RPG hybrid, currently in development by Grimm Bros, LLC. Dragon Fin Soup runs on a heavily modified version of the Something Cosmic RL Engine, by Domowicz Creative Group, and uses Cocos2d-x. Core features provided by Domowicz Creative Group include, procedural level generation, comprehensive saving and loading, dungeon rendering, broad game architecture, path finding, turn management, and field of view calculation. Dragon Fin Soup is slated for release in 2014. A pre-alpha trailer is available here.


Orbiter is a technology prototype for a classic-arcade “schmup” space shooter. Orbiter uses Ogre3d for rendering and animation. The key development goal of Orbiter was to create a level pathing system that allowed for arbitrary camera movement through a 3d scene, in conjunction with a supporting game architecture. As with Hate, the art for Orbiter is by renowned art house, HD-Fortress . At this time there are no plans to move Orbiter into full production, however the technology is ready for use in future developments. Stay tuned!


Hate is a 3d Roguelike with a Lovecraftian, surreal-horror, theme. Hate is built using Ogre3d, and is the first major project to use the Something Cosmic RL Engine, by Domowicz Creative Group, and the first of two collaborations with world-class art production company, HD-Fortress. Publishers interested in adding Hate or a game like it to their upcoming slate should contact us for more information and to schedule a live demo.


Autodesk Tinkerbox is a product developed by Subatomic Studios, for iOS. Domowicz Creative Group developed all of the interface motion graphics and input handling logic used in Tinkerbox, and team management for the iPhone specific Tinkerbox sku.

Lie Detector

Spynet Lie Detector is an app developed for Big Boat Interactive and Jakks Pacific, for use with a physical lie detector toy in the Jakks Pacific’s Spynet line. The physical toy connects to iOS and compatible Android devices via the headphone jack. The Lie Detector software decodes an incoming signal in real-time using an FFT based procedure, and presents the incoming biometric data to the user in a stylized manner reminiscent of movie and television portrayals of high-tech espionage. The Spynet Lie Detector app is available from iTunes and Google Play.

A commercial for the toy and app can be seen here.


Anthem is a sci-fi action role playing game and shooter. In its most distilled sense, Anthem is “Asteroid’s RPG”. Anthem was the first project developed by Domowicz Creative Group, and is the technology foundation of many of our in-house projects. Anthem is powered by Simple Direct Media Layer (SDL) 1.2, and runs on PC.

Fort Courage

Fort Courage is a free-to-play fort defense game by Human Head Studios. Domowicz Creative Group provided concept development and consultation, and is the owner of the “Fort Courage” intellectual property. Fort Courage is available in iTunes and Google Play.